Piper Swimwear is a hybrid between sexy and comfortable. It is designed to allow you to spend your days on the beach, sunrise to sunset, living every day to its fullest. After having traveled to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and developing a love for the lifestyle of adventure and relaxation, I started Piper Swimwear with a desire to combine beauty and comfort in each of my designs. My goal is to have women feel sexy, confident, and comfortable in Piper Swimwear.  My suits have minimal coverage and are cut to be flattering. I strive to create bikinis that are simple, fit well, and are excellent for exploration. They are great for a day by the pool or a long day adventuring into waterfalls.

     Launching on Earth Day 2015 wasn’t an accident. Protecting the beach and the environment are also a passion of mine. I have worked very hard to minimize Piper Swimwear’s impact on the environment. I design, develop, and manufacture all of my swimwear close to home in California. In manufacturing, I optimize layout to produce minimal waste. My packaging is made of post-consumer recycled paper and my bags are made from organic cotton. I hope you will join me in taking care of the planet.

     Hope to see you on the beach!


Piper Lovegreen